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With 20 years of sales and marketing experience we get the best exposure and a powerful platform. The Distribution Groups blend of human expertise and innovative tech make it a transparent, unique and forward-thinking company.

The Distribution Group & Why

We are a free-for-all, open platform aggregator of independent films and TV shows. The Distribution Group distributes your content across multiple Connected Television platforms to tens of millions of viewers globally via Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Sony and Samsung Smart TV, and many more, all from one place. We also distribute to Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime/Instant.

Independent Film & TV

With global reach across digital, cable  TV, and subscription on-demand services, The Distribution Group brings films and television to screens, big and small. Have a Script you want to sell or get produced  Contact Us.

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 Have an Idea a finished film  Is your project pending, funding based on distribution?   Contact us we can help.  

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 Have an Idea for a TV show? Contact us we can help  



 Have a DVD that needs distribution? Contact us we can help.  

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We strive to manage, empower and enable Independent stories through, Scripts, Television and Films around the globe. We believe that every story has an audience and it is our mission to help the story and the audience unite through filming and distribution.

The Distribution Group

OVER 20 YEARS of Experince and Direct Relationships in The Film and Television Industry.

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